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2020年 10月 11日 What I learn at university(山﨑里奈編)











By the way, this time!!

As you all know by considering this title,

I would like to introduce

what I learn at my university

all in English,

just like in the faculty of Foreign Studies.

Honestly it’s  tight(´・ω・)

Please read these sentences

as a grammar practice.



I belong to department of tourism

and transnational studies of

faculty of foreign studies

at Dokkyo university.


Could you image

what my department learn?

Literally, I learn tourism,

transnational culture

and global social theory.

We basically must use English in all classes

without Spanish and Chinese.

To tell the truth, It hurts(-_-)

Are you interested in another languages?

I’ll answer “Yes”.


That’s why  I major in three languages

(English, Spanish and Chinese) is

to understand countries where

those languages are spoken deeply.

I think It’s useful

to grasp the country’s ideology

and lead to cross-cultural understanding .

Not only that, one of my dreams is

to talk withpeople all over the world,

so It’s very fun

even though It’s hard for me

to study another languages .


And then,I’m going to tell you

the difference of

my department and that of English.

Let’s compare my department

with that of English!


department of tourism and

transnational studies



{department of English}

As you can see my department,

there are more second language classes

(Spanish classes) than

department of English.


Unlike the other departments,

we can learn about

various linguistic areas.

You can talk with friends

and native teacher a lot of time

and improve your English skill

because the English class is

divided into five classes.

I especially would like to recommend

this department for those who are

thinking of taking an international

or foreign language faculty.


At the end,

I forgot to introduce you the song

which I want you to listen to last time,

so I’m going to tell it to you.

It’s 『青春の馬』from日向坂

This song cheered me up

when I was nervous.

Please listen to it(*^^)v


Thank you for reading it

until the very end!!